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Thornhill, Ontario

Travel the World With This Coffee Subscription!

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Travel the World With This Coffee Subscription!

Aleksandra Radic

There’s something kind of cool about signing up for a coffee subscription. Every month, you get a bag of freshly ground, exotic coffee delivered straight to your door. Never worry about running out again!! How convenient. But there’s quite a few subscription programs to choose from, so how do you choose?

We came across Atlas Coffee Club and it really stood out to us. We love the way it combines coffee, travel and culture. This was a match made in heaven! Think of them as your coffee tour guides, sending you amazing & exotic coffees you can't find anywhere online or on the shelf.

What’s so cool about Atlas Coffee Club?

With more than 50+ countries producing coffee, Atlas Coffee Club was designed to zig-zag across the equator to explore the world's best. From Papua New Guinea to Peru, Burundi to Brazil...each month subscribers get to discover coffee and culture from a new country, turning their morning routine into a daily adventure. We also love that the coffee bag designs are inspired to celebrate local landscapes and textiles.

So, how does it work?

When you sign up, you’ll receive a bag of single-origin coffee from a different country every month. When was the last time you flew to Colombia for your morning coffee? Or Peru? Malawi? Brazil? Well, you don’t have to. Atlas Coffee Club will bring all these coffees straight to your door! You’ll also get a postcard, a country info card and brew tips. We thought this was a pretty cool idea; not only do you get to taste coffee from a new country each month, but you also learn about its culture, where the coffee is grown, how it’s processed and how to make it properly.

So what are you waiting for? :) Travel the world of coffee, one cup at a time. Join Atlas Coffee Club today!

We just received our bag from Malawi, Africa and it’s the first time trying it, so we’re super excited! The coffee is called Mzuzu and it grows at 1700-2000m in the Misuku Hills. We made a cup of coffee with the French Press and really enjoyed the full bodied, tropical fruit notes.


Welcome to the Warm Heart of Africa, where you’ll never meet a stranger. Landlocked but awash with sandy beaches, Malawi borders the enormous Lake Malawi, ripe for snorkelling, diving, and kayaking through its glittering, blue-green waters, home to hundreds of endemic species of fish. Continue the exploration of a wildlife scene that’s been fascinating since the Early Cretaceous Period, from 125 million-year-old fossils of the Malawisaurus to the lions, leopards, rhinos, and more at the Majete Wildlife Reserve, a post-poaching success story of the Malawi wildlife renaissance. From the dramatic peaks of Mt. Mulanje, gaze down at rolling mist wrapping through the forests below. From the grassy plains of the Nyika Plateau, gaze up at the night sky, brilliant with stars. From Malawi, gaze in, and out, with a warm heart.