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Thornhill, Ontario

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How do you pack for a year?

Aleksandra Radic

Good question. I'll be honest - I thought packing for a year would be easy. Less stuff = less stress, right? Oh boy, was I wrong! When it came time to figure out what I was going to bring, I laid out a bunch of things on the bed - clothes, shoes, bathing suits, my camera, laptop and whatever else you can think of when going on a trip. Since military style packing proved to be very effective in the past, I started rolling everything like crazy. I was on a roll...or so I thought! I got through a quarter of the pile and my bag was already stuffed. I wanted to cry! 'I need everything from this pile!' i thought to myself. But I knew that it was too late to buy a new backpack and I was determined to travel as light as possible. So, i started again. After the 6th try, i finally managed to stuff everything into my Gregory Amber (60L) backpack. 

So here's what I'm bringing on our trip around the world:

- 6 tops (tanks, t-shirts)
- 3 pairs of pants (1 pair of jeans, 2 light pants)
- 2 pairs of leggings (thin leggings, lululemon tights)
- 3 pairs of shorts
- 2 summer dresses
- 1 skirt
- 2 long sleeve tops 
- fleece sweater
- scarf
- water resistant jacket
- 10 pairs of socks, underwear
- 3 pairs of shoes (running shoes, ballet flats, flip flops)
- sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow (all items are super compact!)
- Daypack which includes a DSLR camera, gopro, tripod, laptop, external hardrive, iphone,         water bottle.
- medium sized make-up bag with toiletries, first aid kit, medication, etc.


Mike's packing list is pretty similar except that he has a 70L backpack. He needs the extra room for a tent! After all, it will come in handy since we are planning to camp in Iceland - our first destination.

Oh right, I almost forgot. We are also bringing a passport and money - probably the only two items that really matter. :)

See you in Iceland!