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Thornhill, Ontario

Indonesian Street Food in Toronto

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Indonesian Street Food in Toronto

Aleksandra Radic

A few months ago, Mike and I came up with this pretty cool idea. We wanted to find restaurants in Toronto that served cuisine from all the places we've travelled to. Since Toronto is such a multicultural city, we thought it would be pretty easy and also really fun!

We did a little bit of research and a few Indonesian restaurants came up. A lot of them were Indonesian/Fusion, but we were looking for authentic street food, like the kind you'd find walking down a street in Bali. The three that stood out were Satay Satay and Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar and Noorden.

We decided to check out Satay Satay especially because they specialize in authentic, street food. We've heard good things about Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar, so we will definitely check that out in the near future. 


This place is perfect. The restaurant is small and very casual. It's located at 5025 Yonge Street. They also have a patio, so you can enjoy your meal outside as well. The menu list is small but  they offer all the good stuff. There's about 5 items - similar to what you would see at a traditional saty vendor in Indonesia.


One of our favourite dishes is the Nasi Goreng so we both ordered that. It's basically a dish with fried rice, garlic, onions, chicken and egg. The food was served in a 'to go' box and it was filled with goodness all the way to the top. The meal was very filling and cost us under $9 each. You can also order some skewers as appetizers - the tempeh (fermented soy similar to tofu, but better) and chicken are my favourite!

We had the chance to chat with the manager, Dody, who is originally from Jakarta. The rest of the staff was also from Indonesia, which made us feel like the whole experience was a a little bit more authentic. 


We chatted about the foodd, travelling in Indonesia and why anyone would leave Bali to live in Toronto?!? But I guess if they hadn't, there would never be a Satay Sate. ;) So be sure to check them out. You won't be dissapointed!
Instagram: @sataysate